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Teams were far less efficient moving the ball and scored fewer points in Week 1 compared to recent opening-week and season-long historical averages.Custom Jerseys.Veteran and rookie quarterbacks alike struggled, and ground games were all but nonexistent for the majority of teams. In a league that’s continually changing old rules and building new ones to protect quarterbacks, encourage passing, and cultivate more scoring, defenses won the week.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Well, there’s a good chance that the opening week of action was just a statistical anomaly and that quarterbacks, pass catchers, and running backs will bounce back this Sunday and over the rest of the season.

A young roster is cheap, filled with players on minimum-salary rookie contracts and little ability to dart elsewhere in free agency. The future might be bright, but some of the NFL’s youngest players get sidetracked.Cheap Jerseys.On- and off-field mistakes are bound to happen.Older rosters have savvy, battle-tested players. They generally know where to be, what to expect and how to act. That experience comes with a price that weighs down even the NFL’s ever-expanding salary cap. Replacing a serviceable 10-year veteran with a rookie can create cost savings of 50 percent or more.The Arizona Cardinals have the oldest group of 22 starters in the NFL, based on actual lineups used by teams in Week 1 games and projected lineups for the Dolphins and Buccaneers, whose opener was postponed because of Hurricane Irma.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.The Cardinals’ average age of their starters was 28.41 years old, or 0.77 years older than any other team.

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Watson underwhelmed in his NFL debut, a blowout loss to the Jaguars. The Washington-Philadelphia and Dallas–New York games underwhelmed due to erratic quarterback and offensive line play.Jerseys For Sale.And the Packers-Seahawks’ Sunday afternoon matchup underwhelmed thanks to a cascade of ill-timed penalties, slogging offensive series, and a general lack of highlights.Throughout the league more broadly, teams couldn’t move the ball, standout performers were scant, and scoreboards stayed stagnant. It was just one week, and chances are good that it will prove a fluke rather than a harbinger of boring football to come.Cheap Jerseys From China.But there’s another week to go until teams can start making amends; chances are also good that Thursday night’s Bengals-Texans survival match won’t be the game to turn the 2017 season’s fortunes around.

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