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For now, the reality is the only fútbol we’ll be seeing much of anytime soon is the Americano variety, and the Cubs were in the game-day spirit, or as much as they could be after a 5-1 loss to the Braves to close out a 6-1 homestand. cheap jerseys.Last year, the Cubs did a jersey trip for their last series of the season.Surprisingly, the number of players wearing Bears or Dolphins jerseys might have been equal, though unsurprisingly, the only current Bear represented was Mitch Trubisky, worn by a Cubs employee. As Jon Greenberg confirmed on Thursday, Mike Glennon jerseys are not exactly in high demand.Joe Maddon wore a Mike Ditka jersey to Pittsburgh and brought a Joe Namath one for the trip home (“two Pennsylvania guys”) and bench coach Davey Martinez sported a Mike Singletary jersey.Kris Bryant, who wore a Paul Crewe jersey (from “The Longest Yard,” the remake, obviously), brought along a Walter Payton jersey for later (he wore a Ditka last year). cheap nhl jerseys.Jake Arrieta wore a Dick Butkus, mental skills coordinator Darnell McDonald, once one of the biggest running back recruits in the country, also honored Payton.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, there were plenty of Patriots jerseys, most notably Jose Quintana and Rene Rivera wearing Tom Brady’s No. 12. Tommy La Stella went with a Devin McCourty, while Hector Rondon wore a Rob Gronkowski jersey.authentic nfl jerseys.John Lackey wore a Troy Aikman jersey last year, but he and his son pivoted to current Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott for this trip.Not even Pedro Strop’s Deion Sanders jersey and accompanying ensemble could shield newcomer Mike Freeman from taking some heat on Twitter for his Aaron Rodgers jersey.jerseys from china.

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Either way, fashion out on the ice is very important to some.But how would the NHL’s uniforms translate to another sport, you ask? cheap jerseys from china.(Okay, maybe you weren’t asking.) One graphic designer by the name of Jimmy Nutini went ahead and took initiative, imagining what every NHL team’s uniform would look like on the football field.The results are tremendous. cheap baseball jerseys.The magic lies in the details of these crossovers, as Nutini carries over a lot of detail (often of the subtle variety) from the hockey uniforms to their football counterparts.

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