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Cheap NFL Jerseys.Cano’s still doing Cano things. Last season, he walloped a career-best 39 home runs (despite playing his home games in Safeco), and right now he’s on pace to just about equal that mark in 2017. Sure, long-term it’s possible Cano gets into his deep decline phase before this deal expires after the 2023 season, but as of now he’s shown no signs of skills erosion. Throwback Jerseys.According to FanGraphs estimates, Cano to date has been worth more than $110 million in market money to Seattle while being being paid roughly $77 million over that same span. Yes, those are quick-and-dirty estimates, but Cano has without question supplied the M’s with a lot of surplus value over the early years of his deal.Cheap NBA Jerseys. That’s how big contracts usually work. Even if Cano goes south, the M’s figure to come out ahead based on how his contract has played out thus far. For now, though, the future Hall of Famer remains one of the best players in baseball.

Wholesale Jerseys.You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him. Ok, so I guess you can stop him better than 81 percent of the time, but I’m a sucker for a cliché, and in this spot, containing the Rangers’ third baseman is going to be a tall task. Luis Perdomo is among the 10 worst pitchers against left-handed hitters since the beginning of last season (wOBA), and with his Z-Contact% spiking this season, Gallo should be barreling up the ball with consistency this evening. Custom Basebsall Jerseys.Perdomo isn’t a strikeout pitcher, so when you consider that Gallo is batting .462 on balls in play early this month, the “ceiling is the roof” here.Just as Carlos Carrasco stood out facing the injury-depleted Blue Jays on Tuesday, so does Salazar on Wednesday. While Salazar might not be Carrasco’s equal, neither might the Blue Jays’ lineup be the equal to Tuesday’s — Kendrys Morales left with a hamstring injury, potentially leaving the team without much of any punch from the left-handed side.Cheap Basketball Jerseys.This one will require some lineup homework — a quick return by Morales and/or Josh Donaldson’s return from the DL would result in a matchup downgrade for Salazar — but for the price, you won’t find a better option on the slate.

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Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Josh Ockimey wasn’t on any top-100 lists coming into the year and only ranks as the Boston Red Sox’s No. 8 prospect at MLB.com. So he’s certainly not one of MLB’s brand-name prospects.Now in his fourth pro season after being drafted out of high school in the fifth round in 2014, Ockimey is mashing with a .352/.458/.571 slash line and four home runs through 28 games for the High-A Salem Red Sox.The 21-year-old is cutting down on his strikeouts while continuing to develop his power and his patience. Custom Jerseys.So it’s no accident that his 1.029 OPS is only the latest stop on an upward trajectory in that department.”My timing and rhythm is on right now,” Ockimey said in April, according to Chris Tripodi of MiLB.com. “I’m feeling pretty good at the moment.”However, it’ll be a while before Ockimey will be MLB-ready. And by the time he is, the Red Sox are likely to have Sam Travis, one of baseball’s top first-base prospects, entrenched at the not-so-hot corner.Cheap MLB Jerseys.Rather than a long-term fit at first base, Ockimey fits the Red Sox better as a centerpiece in a trade for a starting pitcher. With Steven Wright out for the year and all bets off on David Price’s recovery from a bad elbow, they’re going to need one of those.

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